Creating first website

  manrow 11 Dec 10

What are the most important features I need to look at when choosing the hsoting site for a new and first website?

  Forum Editor 12 Dec 10

1. Uptime guarantees

2. Control panel facilities - free software, cgi bin files, number of mySQL databases, mailboxes, mail forwarding, mail forwarding, FTP accounts, auto-responders, etc.

3. Cost

4. Bandwidth limitations on the package

  manrow 12 Dec 10

Apologies for being so naive on this subject, but could you pleasee explain how i find the answers to the areas you have suggested?

  manrow 12 Dec 10

manrow, I am not sure that uptime guarantees are quantifiable - click here

  Forum Editor 15 Dec 10

an uptime guarantee is important, in that it will form part of the contract you have with the web host. If your site goes offline for 12 hours without explanation you would have grounds to say that you relied on the guarantee when making the decision to purchase the hosting package, and although the hosting company may introduce all kinds of reasons why it's not liable it's better than nothing.

All other things being equal, go for a company that provides an uptime guarantee.

  Ansolan 16 Dec 10


As mentioned above, any guarantee is only worth what it's worth but can be better than not having one.

The URL you referenced is incidentally a planted post for drawing traffic to a thin affiliate site, also available elsewhere such as click here and posted by the person who happens to own the affiliate site.

You have to careful what you read on the web, there's a rumour not everything is absolutely accurate:)


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