Creating boot disc from ISO

  Rodders 14:20 24 Nov 08

I've got a Windows XP Pro SP3 ISO file (legitimately from MSDN subscription).

I want to put it onto a disc such that I can format my C: drive and reinstall the OS.

How would one go about this?



  MAJ 14:23 24 Nov 08
  jimv7 14:31 24 Nov 08

Use the free imageburn from click here

  Rodders 14:34 24 Nov 08

Maybe I'm missing something....but.....I've already managed to put the image onto a disc.

What I want is to be able to boot from that disc and be able to format/reinstall Windows from it.

Perhaps your links will help me to do that but they don't seem to offer anything that I haven't already got.


  jimv7 14:53 24 Nov 08

Dont just copy the image file to a disk, it will still be an iso image.

Use imageburn to create a bootable disk from the image file.

  Rodders 15:14 24 Nov 08

Ah, yes, that's done a better job.


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