Created a dvd and now want to save it to!

  eh? 21:57 10 Apr 08

Can someone help me with this prob please.
I recorded something off the tele onto a dvd rw, and I want to save it to my Pc, well actually I want to put it on Youtube...but I am having a lot of trouble going about it.
I can play the dvd on the Pc, but cant rip anything from the dvd, or copy it in any way.
Anyone have any ideas please?
Many thanks!

  eedcam 22:19 10 Apr 08

Hi what software are you usin to try and rip with I presume as you can play it on the pc you finalized the dvd on the recorder. Once the ripping problem is solved you will then need software to convert it to material suitable for Utube

  eh? 20:05 11 Apr 08

Hi eedcam
Well as the disc is a RW, i didnt think it could be finalised?? Not that I know too much about these things!!
Anyway, no its not finalised, and I've tried Itunes, HP software, Windows Media, and Roxio. Hmmm....
So, what software do you reckon I need to convert?

  eedcam 22:23 11 Apr 08

You need to finalize it before you can rip it yes you still finalize Rw's. Surprised it plays on the pc unfinalized so the above may not apply
You could try Imgburn
click here to rip it. to convert for utube there should be plenty freebies on google

  Acx 00:49 12 Apr 08

I haven't uploaded to You Tube but I can help with the conversion.

A simple program I find useful
click here
will convert to MPEG4 and other formats.

If you do use it click Convert>ConvertVideo
then change profile to MPEG4, it will save in My Documents/Converted Videos/MPEG4

A more advanced converter is
click here

I believe that You Tube has a maximum size you can upload(about 10 minutes of Video I believe, so you cant upload a Movie) start small and see what works best.

You can finalize RW's but you don't need to if the DVD player (in this case the computers) supports un-finalized DVDs, mine does as and I rarely finalize them unless I want to keep them.

  Acx 00:59 12 Apr 08

Sorry I meant to put in the above post
Some useful info click here

  eh? 21:12 13 Apr 08

Thank you to you both for the info, sorry I have been off line for the weekend.
Will have a look at it during the week and let you know how I get on!
Thanks again :)

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