Create unpartitioned space without reformatting

  slightlymad 18:44 24 Aug 06

...Without reformatting.

The story so far...

Inspiron 9400 laptop from Dell, with something called Media Direct as a feature. Means you don't have to load Windows to view media, you just press a button.

Laptop arrives, full of all the junk that Dell puts on. So I reformat. I install all the drivers (having to ask Dell to send send them), and the programs that I want. Media Direct doesn't work, needless to say. Dellman sends Media Direct disk, with instructions. Instructions involve creating a new partition and installing Windows on this partition, then Media Direct. It doesn't work.

Dellman doesn't know the solution. He's good at keeping in contact - I get weekly updates, saying that Technician A has replicated the problem, but his laptop has crashed. Technician B is stumped, and so on.

But today, some THREE MONTHS later, Dellman comes up with the answer.

I'm to reformat, and allocate 2GB unpartitioned space for Dell Media.

I don't want to reformat.

Is there any way that I can do this? I have Partition Magic, but from what I can see, you can only create partitions with it. Which is exactly what you'd expect, I suppose.

Is there an answer?


  FelixTCat 18:54 24 Aug 06


I think that there is a confusion of terms here. What I think they may mean is a space which is not allocated to Windows.

Basically, use Partition Magic to take 2 GB from an existing Windows partition but do not format it or give it a drive letter. Presumably when you run Dell Media it will format it and then install the necessary files. It may require a particular format such as FAT or a linux format.

Sometimes these programs require that they reside on the first cylinders of the hard disk, so you may have to shuffle your C: drive up.

Make sure that you back up any data you care about.



  slightlymad 20:02 24 Aug 06

Because it was the easiest. Well, there was some degree of success - when I press the Dell Media button when the computer is powered down, I now get a "Dell Media Direct" splash screen... before Windows loads.

Felix, I now have 2GB of space afer Drive C. I can't move it, but I can create another space BEFORE C.

Is this the way to go?

  slightlymad 23:01 24 Aug 06

Now that's put me right off.

Instead, I put a space before C, and it still didn't work.

Thanks for the link, crx1600, but this small feature isn't worth all that trouble.

I'm going to see what else I can mess up instead.

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