Create a slideshow and burn to CD

  Sparkly 07 Jan 12

Hi could someone help with this, i have a folder with 80 scans in it (.gif)they are A4 scans of a friends memiours he has asked if i could put them onto a CD so he can play them on the PC/DVD player for friends as a slideshow, i have tried putting them into PowerPoint to create a slideshow but the scans are to big for the slide the whole prodject is only 40mb in size,can anyone suggest a programe i could use to see the scans complete preferably free as its a one of,thanks.

  lotvic 07 Jan 12

Need to know what Operating Sys you have XP, Vista, W7 and if 32bit or 64bit.

The program you want is probably already on your pc installed with the MSoft Op Sys.

(Different program to Powerpoint)

  Sparkly 07 Jan 12

Hi lotvic its XP Home 32 bit.

  lotvic 08 Jan 12

Don't burn to CD, instead burn as a DVD Video SlideShow.

XP, then you should have Windows Movie Maker 2 which will make a slideshow video in DV-AVI format. (it also does .wmv but that is lower quality). Save a DV-AVI copy to 'My Computer/My Videos. Follow this guide

After you have saved your video to file in 'My Videos' you can use the free program DVDFlick to convert it and burn to DVD. Follow this guide

Practice with just a few photos in Windows Movie maker, adding Transitions, altering the time pics are displayed, adding Effect and Titles etc. Save practice slideshow(s) as DV-AVI to My Videos as if you were going to use them to import to DVDFlick to convert and then burn to DVD using Imgburn (Imgburn also free is included in DVDFick download)

Hope you have as much fun as I do making them :))

  Sparkly 08 Jan 12

Thanks lotvic great help its for an old friend who sadly is looking to go into a home (92 years young)and wants all his activities in sport education documented on CD/DVD so he can play them back,i have all the photos done but the A4 scans of his memiours that i have scanned were just to large for the slides as described earlier. Many thanks.


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