Create an order of service sheet and print.

  Sparkly 27 Apr 12

Hi can any one suggest software to create an order of service sheet, we have a marridge coming up and we want to make the service sheet on A4 landscape, i have been trying to do it in Word 2007 with half the sheet page 1 and the other half the back page with another A4 as page 2 and 3 but trying to get half the page formatted is messing with the other half, im sure it must be easier than what im trying to do, so any help would be great. I have Office 2007 but open to any other suggestions of software.

  spuds 27 Apr 12

Not sure if this will be of any help

  Paulius55 27 Apr 12

I have 2 suggestions with WORD. Firstly, make the page landscape then format it as 2 columns. Word will then treat the two columns as separate pages, Alternatively, make the page landscape then put 2 identical text boxes, one either side, with invisible borders. Then treat each box as a totally independent page that you can add text, images to, but you can move them around without affecting the other boxes. I hope this is clear, it is easier to do than explain!

  Salut 27 Apr 12

If I'm reading you correctly, then may I suggest the following:

Set your page as A5, using word arrange the pages with whatever wording/pictures, etc. When you come to printing, select the print 'Booklet' option. The printer should then print in the correct order.

I use Libre Office and regularly use the A5/'Booklet' function.

  Woolwell 27 Apr 12

It is easier using a desktop publishing program and imo looks better. The free version of Serif PagePlus Serif downloadshould be sufficient for this.

  Sparkly 27 Apr 12

Hi all and thanks for your help, spuds thanks for the link, Woolwell just downloaded Serif and will give it a go. Paulius55 thanks allso trying your suggestion. Will let you know the outcome.

  lotvic 27 Apr 12

A4 paper, page setup: landscape, 2 pages per sheet. (This will allow you easily put a fancy border round an A5 page)

After you have finished designing an A5 page, to start next page hold down Ctrl and press Enter. This will stop pages shuffling the text/blank lines from one page to another (unless page content is too many lines in which case it will automatically start a new page).

Design Word doc ONE: Content is page four(back) first then page one(front) (the back and front of the finished marriage booklet)

Design Word doc TWO: Content is page two first then page three.

If you use page setup: A4 Landscape, Booklet, 4 pages: you design, page one Front, page two, three, four(back).

When you start printing it will print page four(back) and page one(front) then you will have to turn paper over and reinsert and it will print page three and page two.

Or you could set it to print pages 1,4 print about 20 a time A4 sheets and then turn paper over and reinsert and set it to print pages 2,3

Don't forget to do a practice print first to check you've got it, I suggest you put on each page: Front, page2, page3, Back

I got in a right tangle when I was designing Cards for the first time :)

Have you thought about using Card for the back and front and then a paper insert (fixed with double sided tape) for pages two and three? It makes booklet look 'posher'

  Sparkly 27 Apr 12

Hi lotvic thankyou for that in depth help "Have you thought about using Card for the back and front and then a paper insert (fixed with double sided tape) for pages two and three? It makes booklet look 'posher'" Thats worth thinking about. Thanks.


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