Create a new cd selecting songs. Any idea.?

  nerawan 15:29 18 Jan 05

Hi. Can people tell me how to burn a CD selecting songs from another CDs but burning them in the original format. Windows Media Player does it but burn them on wich I don't want. I have pinnacle instant cd/dvd and nero 5.9 but I ca't see the option to get what I want. Any idea how to do it?. Thanks

  john-232317 15:39 18 Jan 05

Just had a look, open Nero burning rom.... tracks....put cd in and select tracks to save to compilation... when finished burn. Not done it myself though ;-))

  Cook2 17:09 18 Jan 05

When you've selected New browse in the right window your CD-Rom/RW and drag a few of the songs to the left window.

Insert the next CD and repeat.

When you have your selection or the bottom bar shows Full, left click and drag your songs in order, then burn.

Don't forget to make sure you close session unless you plan to add more later.

Have the CD's ready and you'll be asked for them one at a time.

  Stuartli 17:19 18 Jan 05

Just one thing with Nero - it can build up a compilation in reverse to that which you select by dragging and dropping...:-(

  nerawan 00:03 20 Jan 05

Thanks for the mesages. Yesterday I got a new external DVD writer (Liteon 16x) and it comes with Nero Express 6 (cd). I have 5.9 and the interface of this one is better. I burn a set of CDs without any problem.

  Stuartli 10:20 20 Jan 05

Don't use CD-RW media for such purposes - stick to CD-Rs.

Pleased it's worked out for you.

  nerawan 16:26 20 Jan 05

Hi Stuart. Usually I use CD-R because they are cheaper but can you explain a litle about your note.

  Stuartli 17:44 20 Jan 05

Because CD-Rs have a far superior reflectivity level than CD-RW media and are thus easier/more likely to be read by other drives other than your own.

You've already realised that the cost side is also more beneficial.

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