Create a form in Word 2002 for use on web

  exdragon 14:53 23 Feb 05

Hi - if a form is created in Word, is there a way to limit the bit the user fills in to go to the end of the line and no further?

For example, the Address has fields for 2 lines, but if the unwary have a very long first line, and they just keep on typing, then automatically Return, then the second box for the rest of their address moves down.

Limiting the number of characters in the line is a bit hit and miss, as Ws take up a lot more space than Is!

The whole thing is protected so that the user cannot alter any of the pre-typed information, but by hitting Return, they can still move the lines down and will eventually go into a second page.

  exdragon 00:15 24 Feb 05

Problem solved by other means

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