Create a bootable XP CD that includes SP1a

  JayDay 15:49 11 Jul 04

Found this website which shows you how to Create A Bootable/Slipstreamed Windows XP Installation CD that includes SP1a and includes update rollup.

click here

  powerless 15:59 11 Jul 04

For SP2.

Just waiting for a link for the final version.

click here

But try not click else where as its not finished :-(

  JayDay 16:46 11 Jul 04

Thanks . Let us know when it's finished

  MIke 17:21 11 Jul 04


  MIke 17:21 11 Jul 04


  Djohn 17:30 11 Jul 04

in my favourites named Powerless. It contains all his excellent guides from installing windows through to Linux, installing a slave drive and partitioning even how to spit-roast a Chicken! ;o)

  powerless 20:10 11 Jul 04

mmmm chicken.

  Eargasm 22:14 11 Jul 04

Thanks mate a great link.

ps. i hate chicken,it tastes fowl :-))

  TommyRed 22:20 11 Jul 04

I made a XP installation disc which appears to work but was unable to slipstream SP1 into it, so I'll wait for your SP2 version to be finalised. As i've got the basic bootable installation disc will there be easier instructions for just adding SP2. Previously you had to be an Iraqi rocket scientist to understand it, not your instructions of course. TR

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