Pilch from 19:47 12 Nov 03

My friend has a ECS k7s5a board and XP2100 chip with 512mb ram. When he is playing games it is fine, surfing the net, fine, in fact anytime when the PC is working tis fine.

But when he leaves it, goes away, comes back an hour later it kind of crashes.

If it is left downloading files again it crashes.

The icon's work, but nothing else does. He has just done a re-format, still occur's.

Having just recovered from the same problem that someone else on the forum suffered click here this is driving him a bit potty.

So anyone got and idea's?

He uses Xp PRO.

  critic-al 19:58 12 Nov 03

could be a over heating problem,

We have ruled that out already...

Plus it would be more likely to over heat when under stress.

check all the power management settings in windows and the Bios, turn them all off and see if that helps, it sounds like the hard-drive is switching off and refusing to come back.

  critic-al 20:15 12 Nov 03

have you also ruled out graphics card over heating?

  keith-236785 20:23 12 Nov 03

im thinking on the same lines as horiz5,

goto control panel/power options.

in the power schemes, select Always On

in the system standby, select Never.

where you can choose for hard drive, monitor.

set monitor to whatever you want (mine is 45 mins)

set hard drives to whatever you want (mine is 1 hour)

i am using the same board as you, but with an XP1800 proc.

you could also flash the bios but that is a last resort, try everything else first.

tried that, we disabled power management still messed up.

Graphics card perhap's, but again more likely to heat i would guess when under stress.

One final guess was to let a screen saver go on after small period of time. Again, still messed up.

We have just installed AVG to see if any nasties occur so we are just waiting to see if that picks up anything!

  skeletal 22:47 12 Nov 03

Power saving modes and screen savers have given me terrible problems in the past and I would never use either on any computer. I'm not sure whether your last post meant you had disabled a screen saver or not, but I would recommend you turn them all off and not to use them...ever!


  woodchip 22:50 12 Nov 03

Also go into BIOS and turn Power Managment of

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 23:14 12 Nov 03

Just a thought what revision is the mobo,i think version3.0A supports XP chips but version 1 needs a bios upgrade to be able to fully support it.Just a thought.Can be a bit finkiky about the ram it uses to.


After getting rid of the blaster worm, we then installed AVG.

After a brief scan, 33 virus where dealt with quite promptly.

Anyhow last nite my friend left the PC on all nite and no problems have occured...

Cheers guys!

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