Crashes on Starting XP and 98

  ianandclaire 07:35 07 Aug 03

A few months ago my computer, running 98SE, started crashing about five minutes after starting up. There appeared to be no apparent problem, conflicts, new programmes loaded, etc. After a few reboots it worked fine.

I loaded XP over the top and this seemed to cure the problem for a few weeks. Crashes then started reoccurring and were found to be caused by the True Vector Service of Zonealarm. I removed Zonealarm and this stopped the crashes being caused by the TVS but they still happened with no event logged by XP.

I have now reformatted the HD and carried out a clean install of 98. I now find that when the computer is first switched on it will crash some seconds after it has completed loading. This will leave a blank screen and occaisionally a long beep is emitted. After rebooting a few times(sometimes turning the power off is necessary) the computer works fine.

My hunch is that it is a hardware problem but I do not know how to trace it (no spare parts to check by elimination).

Please advise.

Sounds like a memory problem to me.

This site may help you diagnose the fault - click here

If your Bios is AWARD then click here

hope this helps

  JIM 07:56 07 Aug 03

sure does give the impression that there may be a mem problem.You could try Start,run, type in msconfig,then tick the Diagnostic startup box.

See what happens then when you bootup and run.

  ianandclaire 08:43 08 Aug 03

Tried the msconfig and Diagnosic start up yesterday morning but everything was fine.

Tried starting the computer last night. Fans started and then it issued one long followed by two short high pitch beeps. After a short pause two short low pitch beeps were emitted. Nothing appeared on the screen. Had to switch off at the mains.

Tried various combinations of the two memeory modules but this had no effect.

The bios is Award and this combination of beeps is not defined - it sounds more like Close Encounters of the Third Kind!

Any ideas?

  MichelleC 10:03 08 Aug 03

1 long and 2 short - could be Video (Mono/CGA Display Circuitry). Are there any conflicts in Device manager?

...or someone far away could be trying to contact you.

  ianandclaire 13:45 13 Aug 03

There were no conflicts in device manager just before it died.

I have purchased and installed a new graphics card but this has made no difference.

Have now puchased a motherboard kit which should replace everything that could conceiveably cause the problem except for the power supply - or alien life forms.

  ianandclaire 13:55 06 Oct 03

Replaced motherboard, CPU and fan sometime ago and the system has been fine ever since - Talk about tempting providence.

Still using original memory and grahics card so I guess it wasn't either of them to blame.

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