Crashed XP

  MIKE. 15:01 04 Jul 08

My Neighbour is running a 6 year old Evesham on XP Home and his windows OS has crashed. I have tried to do a repair but the option is not available. I have put his H/D as a slave onto my machine and managed to retreve most of his important photos and files. Is there anyway I can do a check disk or reload windows without data loss on a slave drive.

  xania 15:15 04 Jul 08

Have you tried Safe boot-up and Boot up using last successful boot?

When you first boot up with the Install DVD, you need to instruct it to install the software, then, when it identifies an existing version, you should get the opportunity to repair the existing version.

  MIKE. 15:18 04 Jul 08

Thanks xania tried that no go. When I reboot with windows CD it goes into the normal setup mode but does not give me the option to repair.

  woodchip 16:07 04 Jul 08

He means have you tried tapping F8 as it boots the Last known good configuration from list

  MIKE. 18:26 04 Jul 08

Hi woodchip have also done that tried safe mode and Last Known Good no success

  Ditch999 18:44 04 Jul 08

To run CHKDSK on the drive go Start>Run>cmd then type in
chkdsk E: /f
if E: is the drive letter of the drive you wish to check

  tullie 18:52 04 Jul 08

Are you booting from the cd?

  MIKE. 19:07 04 Jul 08

As the faulty drive is the slave, I can boot from the master drive which works.

  ronalddonald 00:57 05 Jul 08

is the data important to your neigbour, if repair is no option is a clean install an option but means losing files and previous software.

Not the best advice but if your not getting nowhere with repair, or can you try a new xp disc. One query i have is the xp disc an evesham or a microsoft xp disc.

And is there a driver disc.

Solutin may be to da clean install and instll drivers snd then the software.
May be you could ask you neigbour to buy a newer computer.

  Strawballs 03:47 05 Jul 08

You can do a chkdisk on the drive while it is your machine as a slave as mentioned by Ditch999

  ambra4 06:14 05 Jul 08

Open My Computer folder and right click on the Slave Drive – Click Properties – Click Tools Tab –

Click the Check Now button in the Error Section and select both section in the next display and

click Start.

This will do a complete chkdisk on the slave drive and fix any problems on the drive

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