Crash with recycle boot up.

  ian3 18:10 07 Apr 05

Having bought a new pc, I want to use my old one (upgraded to XP Pro a few months ago, 3 years old) for storing photos etc and as a backup.

When I tried to use the usb Logitech I Touch wireless keyboard it failed to function (had worked previously for a few years) it said that no driver had been installed so I went onto the Logitech site and downloaded what appeared to be the right driver prog. The mouse works fine.
On rebooting now I get a cycle from start up, loading windows and then it goes back and starts again saying windows failed to load properly. The only way to switch off is by cutting the power off. Any suggestions appreciated.


  woodchip 18:13 07 Apr 05

If XP start Safe mode pressing F8 at start. Then try a Restore point to before the Prob

  ian3 18:17 07 Apr 05

Thanks Woodchip but I've no funcioning keyboard now and I've bought a new one but there's no way to load it.

I wonder whether the simple answer is to replace the HD and start over.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:42 07 Apr 05

Cheap PS2 keyboards approx £3 -£5 lot cheaper than a new hard drive.

Your new driver is obviuoly causing a conflict bbot to safe mode (F8) and remove thand reinstall the driver.

  ian3 19:06 07 Apr 05

I take your point Fruit Bat but I have no functioning keyboard now and can't connect a new one whilst it's recycling.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:15 07 Apr 05

Switch off plug in PS" keyboard reboot. PS2 keyboard needs no drivers. press F8 during the boot to get to safe mode.

  woodchip 22:10 07 Apr 05

It may be the Motherboard if Keyboard does not work as I had one like that. It was not getting a 5+ volts supply and I had to run a jumper wire from PSU motherboard socket to the bit where keyboard looks for power

  woodchip 22:11 07 Apr 05

PS my computer did not say that there was a keyboard problem as all the rest of the connections was OK

  ian3 22:27 07 Apr 05

Thanks, I'm going to nip out am tomorrow to buy a cheapy PS2 and will let you know what happens.
Up until the download everything was fine so gut feeling says that it was that which caused the problem.


  ian3 18:07 08 Apr 05

Hi Guys

Delighted to say that your suggestions did the trick. I now have an extra ps2 keyboard but what the hell, who knows I might need it again sometime.

Very many thanks for you invaluable help.


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