Crap ATI Software

  Chewie100 22:51 07 Jan 03
  Chewie100 22:51 07 Jan 03

I have ATI's Media Centre 7 as part of the ATI Radeon 8500dv graphics package on my pc. I've been having problems with the TV/Video capture part of it, the sound is distorted and unintelligable. I tried a system restore 3 days ago (back to the point when it was working properly) the problem stayed put. I tried uninstalling the software but it wouldn't let me.
My question is a:how do you uninstall something other than through 'add/remove programs' and b: is there a solution to the actual sound problem?

  BRYNIT 23:16 07 Jan 03

Why won't it allow you to uninstall do you get any messages up if so what.

  Scarthy © ® ™ 23:42 07 Jan 03

You should always remove ATI software before installing new versions....There are threads here that explain how to do it correctly click here if the link doesn't work then try this one and navigate manually to Rage3D Discussion Area » ATI Technology Forum » Radeon 8500 and 9000 Technical Support click here

ATI make excellent drivers and have had a name for bad ones in the past.

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