Craft Knife[Stanley] blades

  jack 10:03 03 Nov 08

Opened a new pack of these only to find they are stuck together [presumably with the preservative]
How does one get them apart without shredding fingers or ruining the cutting edges?

I have tried -Warming over Gas.
Placed in hot water.
Dropping from a height onto a hard surface.
levering apart with a fine screwdriver.

All to no avail.

  Belatucadrus 10:10 03 Nov 08

As the preservative is probably oil based have you tried soaking them in white spirit or meths ?

  rawprawn 10:16 03 Nov 08

Try soaking in Petrol

  woodchip 10:22 03 Nov 08

WD 40

  Si_L 10:32 03 Nov 08

Put it in your mouth and bite them apart.

  wiz-king 10:37 03 Nov 08

Slide sideways.

  LastChip 10:53 03 Nov 08

I assume that's meant to be a joke.

You may care to remember people of all ages read these threads, including children.

I wouldn't want to be responsible for a child (or anyone else) trying your suggestion out.

Those blades are lethal in the wrong hands.

  HondaMan 10:59 03 Nov 08

If you have a single blade, you can puch that between the sharp edges of the stuck blades, bit like a wedge. Be careful!

  stlucia 10:59 03 Nov 08

Sliding always works for me.

But you can always use an old blade to pry them apart if you're careful.

  hssutton 12:16 03 Nov 08

As stlucia I just slide them off, obviously push from the blunt edge. never ever found it to be a problem

  jack 08:13 04 Nov 08

For the many and varied suggestions including tongue in cheek one - presumably it is in cheek rather than between them, because its owner tried biting them apart
Will try the soaking version me thinks first.

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