Crackling on audio from monitor speakers

  lilythepink 20:26 25 Jan 04

My computer got a virus last week, and it had to be reformatted. I lost everything, but now the sound is dreadful, like an old cracked record. The speakers are in my LCD monitor.

The sound was fine before, and before anyone says did I check the cables, I have.



  Cuddles 20:54 25 Jan 04

Have you checked the settings for the volume and other levels? you may find something has been ticked where it should not have been.

  lilythepink 20:59 25 Jan 04

Thanks, where would i check this?

  TommyRed 21:02 25 Jan 04

I had a similar problem, though not as bad, and it was the driver for the sound card, or in my case onboard sound. I never sorted it properly and changed to a new PC shortly after so I never bothered. It just crackled on certain parts of games and occassionally when I played music. Have you checked all your drivers are up to date? HTH TR

  lilythepink 21:08 25 Jan 04

How do I do this?

  TommyRed 21:18 25 Jan 04

In my case I had to find out the sound manufacturer and go to their site to get the driver. If I remember I was helped on here as I'm sure you will be. Aida 32 normally tells you what drivers are needed click here and where to get them, I think. HTH TR

  TommyRed 21:25 25 Jan 04

Who reformatted your PC, if it was done in a shop they should put all the drivers back on. TR

  TommyRed 21:29 25 Jan 04

I've got to go now. Please tell us what OS you are using. TR

  lilythepink 21:38 25 Jan 04

I don't think the shop had the drivers, or maybe forgot. Its a long drive back though. I am using Windows Me. Thanks for all your help.

How do I find out the sound card manufacturer, is it the same as the motherboard?

  Cuddles 21:45 25 Jan 04

Have a look in your programs files and see if you have a folder for the soundcard and check settings there and rightclick on speaker icon in taskbar where clock is displayed and go to properties and check for ticks.

  lilythepink 23:16 25 Jan 04

Creative sound is the name I have found in my programs.
How do I find the programme list with the speaker icon!!!!

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