Crackles on burnt CD's

  Exforces 09:12 19 Feb 03

When recording from CD to CD using Nero at 16x speed, my recorded CD's have crackles on them. Any ideas? Possible IRQ clash?

  JoeC 09:48 19 Feb 03

you are copying using " On the Fly " , try copying to hard disc first. Other than that, try lowering your speed. : }

  mrchips 19:10 19 Feb 03

Try a different brand of C.Ds, I use Nero at
40 speed with no problems.

  redshift300 19:41 19 Feb 03

This problem can also be caused by the CD player which if it is a 52speed can cause vibration of the CD, resulting in crackles in the audio recording, I spent a lot of time tracking this one down. Does not effect data CD's.
Recording at a lower speed will not help, copy to HD first in MP3 mode and then burn to CD.
Hope this helps.

  he he :-) 19:53 19 Feb 03

what r u doin copeying cd anyway? :-)

  emmandelo1 11:26 20 Feb 03

Further to redshift300's reply. Also don't have any other progs running while you are copying. My friend had exactly same problem. Also do not do it while connected to the internet. Seems to cause interference on some systems. What are playing the copied CD's back on? See if you get the crackles on different CD players.

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