cpu's ?

  kji613 14:07 26 Jul 03

i'm shortly getting a new system and due to my budget i could either have a 17" crt and the 3000+barton or 19" crt and the 2800+barton.i would appreciate some advice, would i notice any great difference between the two cpu's, at the moment my system has an amd 1.4 so i know which ever new one i get will make this one feel like a snail. the new system will be used mainly for gaming (95% of the time) and will have a geforce fx 5900 and 1028 ddr pc2700 ram.

thanks in advance

  ellas 14:21 26 Jul 03

I would go for the 19" crt dont think you would notice much difference between the cpus but you will with a bigger monitor.

  AdeJ 17:07 26 Jul 03

A 2800+ processor is likely to be a huge excess of raw processing power for most applications unless you're doing some major number crunching / video handling - so a 200 difference isnt likely to be noticeable. Upgrading to a 19" monitor however was the best upgrade I ever made..

  BillEmm 17:32 26 Jul 03

There are two. The Thoroughbred core or the Barton. The T'bred runs at 2166MHz but with only a 256KB L2 buffer while the Barton runs at 2083 MHz with a 512KB buffer.

The XP3000+ Barton runs at 2166 MHz with a 512KB buffer, so there is a very slight improvement in processor speed over its XP2800+ little brother but its cpu speed is the same as its T'bred cousin but its larger buffer will improve throughput.

Having written all that I would recommend you buy the T'Bred XP2800+ which ought to be the cheapest and still give you the top CPU speed.

  rickf 20:08 26 Jul 03

Go for the 19" option definitely.

  skeletal 20:39 26 Jul 03

I think, for you , I would go for the monitor (but check out the one you are thinking of having in a shop if you can, you may find it's not as good as you think...as usual it will be, partly, due to how much you spend). However, to put in a word for speed freaks, I recently upgraded from a 900 T'bird to a 2700XP. Yes its loads quicker...but I still think it's slow! I have spreadsheets so complex that you can watch the numbers change cell by cell!!

Roll on the 10GHz chips I say!


  rubella 20:57 26 Jul 03

under your conditions i'd go with xp2800. you could do some lovely tweaks with it and your ram.

  kji613 21:05 26 Jul 03

thanks one and all, guess i'll be getting the 19".

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