CPU uses almost 100% using A Squared

  birdface 11:31 10 May 09

Now I have a 6 year old computer that uses up most of the CPU when running security scans with different programs.
I have lots of memory Everything has been cleaned and all are working including the fans.
When cleaning the fans years ago I did not know any better and used to hoover them and let the fans spin.it was not till a later date that I found out that you were not supposed to do that.
So not sure if that could be causing the problem.

I have lots of disk space left almost 70%.
I am thinking maybe the PSU might be getting a bit run down by the constant use.
Anybody any theories apart from scrapping it as I am quite attached to it.
XP Home. A Squared ,AVG.+ Malwarebytes.Virginmedia.

  birdface 11:36 10 May 09

AMD Athlon[tm]XP2400+2.01GHz. 1.96Gb of ram.

  phono 11:39 10 May 09

Anti virus and malware scans do tend to be processor intensive due to the large number of files involved in the scanning process, it may well be quite normal, especially as your PC is 6 years old.

  Taff™ 11:45 10 May 09

Hi Buteman - I sympathise with your plight. I`m just running an Asquared scan on a 5 year old Presario 2500 with a Celeron 2.6 Ghz processor and 768 Mb RAM - CPU runs at 100% but 12% when I pause the scan. Not much can be done I`m afraid. It simply isn`t worth trying to update models that are this old.

  birdface 12:03 10 May 09

Ok.Thank for the info.
I did think that that was the case.
I have a few £ put away from last Xmas towards a new one.
The way this one is going it will probably outlast me.

  jarvis10@btinternet.com 12:22 10 May 09

im not sure how avg works, nut with nod or kaspersky, when you run a third party (mbam, a2 etc) unless you have set it up correctly you will effectively have 2 scans running at the same time, as avg scans what a2 is doing.
in kaspersky you can set the realtime monitor not to scan opened files, monitor application activity and not scan network activity.
in nod you can simply exclude certain programs.
i always found this speeded scan speed up.
and pretty much removed any lag at all on on'line games.
pretty sure avg forum would offer advice on this.
see if ram rises or cpu activity occurs from the avg exe while running the scan.

  birdface 12:36 10 May 09

Yes you probably got it spot on.When Running A Squared Avg starts as well.When running AVG A squared runs and Kerio Firewall also steps in to make matters worse.
I have all three configured as well as I can but obviously not got it right yet.
I have switched the resident shield of on AVG when running A squared and that solves that problem.Then turn it back on when finished.its not the solution but it helps.

  birdface 13:35 10 May 09

Hi.just checked the white list on A Squared to make sure and Avg search shield was not there.So added it again and ran a scan with no interference from Avg.

  birdface 17:54 10 May 09

Ok will class as resolved as it is obvious my computer is a bit over the hill like myself.Thanks for all of the advice given,it was appreciated.

  badhair1963 18:02 10 May 09

Before running a scan with AVG, try going into Services and stopping the A-Squared service. Restart it when the virus scan is finished.

  AL47 18:19 10 May 09

when i do an avg scan on my laptop it uses 100% of both cores which are rated at 2.86ghz

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