CPU Usage Not Refreshing

  SDJ 11:17 05 Jan 03
  SDJ 11:17 05 Jan 03

I feel this is probably linked to my other post:
click here
but my cpu usage is at about 90%.
Even though my 3d screensaver is not running (came back to computer) it is still in the processes and using about 70%, shouldnt it disappear from the processes once it has been deactivated?


  MichelleC 15:44 05 Jan 03

What's your total wattage on cpu? It may be time to splash out on a new one. I've just upped mine from 165 to 225.

  SDJ 15:59 05 Jan 03

How do I get that MichelleC?
Its a 400W quietpc PSU, but I do have the following hardware:
1ghz Athlon
1gb Sdram
40gb MAxtor
80gb IBM
Creative 5.1 Platinum soundcard
Hollywood+ Decoder
Pinnacle Studio+ Board
ATA Controller card
Creative LiveDrive
Zip Drive
Orb CPU Cooler
3x80mm Case Fans

All my other peripherals are running off a self powered usb hub.

Cheers MichelleUK

  MichelleC 16:07 05 Jan 03

It's on the cpu under 'voltage'. It'll say MAX xxxW. It's this figure that's important. I had to 'up' mine when I added ext hd and dvd rom.

  SDJ 16:10 05 Jan 03

Sorry make that a 300w Powerman psu!
Ill have a look at the voltage like you said, but im guessing once you read this you are gonna tell me I need a 400w PSU?

Cheers MichelleUK

  brianthesnail 16:11 05 Jan 03

Be careful not to confuse CPU with PSU.


  Carl_booth 16:17 05 Jan 03

All it is is that your update/refresh is paused. Presuming you run 2000 or XP just do Ctrl + Alt + Delete, goto the task manager and select view > update speed > high, it was probably on paused before. ;)

  graham 16:56 05 Jan 03

And don't confuse volts with watts!

  brianthesnail 17:00 05 Jan 03

I'm not confusing anything. It's them others.;-)


  SDJ 17:39 05 Jan 03

Cheers Brianthesnail but I built this machine and if I got cpu and psu mixed up I would definatley have problems dont you think.

Carl, I tried to speed up the refreshing on task manager and it doesnt make any difference, thanks anyway.

Would a 400w PSU, Thats POWER SUPPLY UNIT, be an idea seeing as I have alot of devices, could this be on of the reasons why my system is unstable?

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