CPU usage?

  KERRO01 00:13 31 Aug 07

it seems to be on 50% all the time. can anyone help me out please?

  hugh-265156 00:19 31 Aug 07

If you right click on an empty space on the task bar and choose 'task manager' and then click on 'processes' you will be able to see services and so on running.

Scroll down the list to find the one that is using all the 'cpu' time. Whats it called please?

  KERRO01 00:25 31 Aug 07

firefox and explorer are using the most by far.

  hugh-265156 00:35 31 Aug 07

explorer? is that 'iexplore.exe' or 'explorer.exe' how is it listed please?

  KERRO01 00:39 31 Aug 07

ok there is explorer.exe at 24,228K
vsmon.exe at 24,444K
firefox.exe at 55,335 and svchost.exe at 22,704

  hugh-265156 00:41 31 Aug 07

look in the 'CPU' time % list to the left of the readings you just gave me please. They are 00 - 100%

  KERRO01 00:45 31 Aug 07

there is one called DLLML.exe that is at 50% and one called System Idle Process thats at 49%

  hugh-265156 00:46 31 Aug 07

Windows Firefox and Zonealarm were the processes you gave me by the way and the values you gave me were for memory usage and seem normal.

  KERRO01 00:48 31 Aug 07

ok thankyou buddy

  hugh-265156 00:51 31 Aug 07

Do you have a creative labs soundcard? click here=

maybe update your soundcard drivers if its a creative one, click here

  hugh-265156 00:52 31 Aug 07

Update and run both your antivirus and antispyware software if you havnt already done so, remove all they find.

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