CPU usage 100%

  researcher 21:24 16 Sep 03

XP home, Athlon 2100 processor.

Windows task manager continously shows my processor running at 100%, there are 49 processes running and at the moment only two applications.

The only two processes that do not have memory usage displayed are: wowexec.exe and opware16.exe. Any idea what these are?

  oglemire 22:05 16 Sep 03

go into task manager and select the process tab. click on cpu and report back the process that is consuming the resources.

wowexec supports 16bit processes running on windows. Opware16 is usually present to allow you to scan documents into ms office files etc ..

  researcher 19:14 17 Sep 03

Thanks for the info - PCadvisor website dissapeared for me last night.

Anyway found CPU usage, it had somehow got hidden under memory usage column. I only found that out when I went into task manager/processes/view/select column - I did not know there were so many things there.

The culprit was the Iomega backup programme - not doing anything just using up all my CPU, so now I've got a query for Iomega.

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