cpu upgrade

  david889 20:07 05 Apr 06

I am going to put in a new cpu into my computer,i have the latest bios installed so what will happen when the cpu is in and i turn the computer on.
Will it just boot up as normal or do i need to configure it?

  rmcqua 20:10 05 Apr 06

What are the old CPU, new CPU and m/board, David?

  david889 20:12 05 Apr 06

the current cpu is a pentium 4 mobile 1.60ghz and new one will be a 2.40ghz

  Totally-braindead 20:15 05 Apr 06

It depends on the motherboard, some you can just plug in then go into BIOS set defaults and thats it. Some you have to set jumpers (little switch like things) on the motherboard. The info rmcqua asks for will help. Also have you checked the board can take the new processor?

  Totally-braindead 20:16 05 Apr 06

I was typing as you were typing. You mention a mobile processor so is this a notebook you are talking about or a desktop. Need make and model info.

  rmcqua 20:16 05 Apr 06

Any info. on the board?

  david889 20:18 05 Apr 06

sorry its a dell latitude c840 i am sure it will take the cpu

  rmcqua 20:25 05 Apr 06

Sorry David, laptops CPU replacement outside the scope of my capabilities. Over to someone who knows....

  Totally-braindead 20:31 05 Apr 06

I'm a bit lost here as well. I got as far as this click here I was trying to see the manual but it appears theres 3 different motherboards. Even supposing I got the right one it wouldn't help me advise you as I've only ever had one laptop apart and it took me ages to get it back together and I've never tried to upgrade a laptop processor. Hopefully someone else will advise.

  goonerbill © ® 02:12 06 Apr 06

hi david889. was just about to go to bed when i saw your posting. luckily enough i remembered that one of the other pc mags had done a feature on such a thing, well upgrading the complete laptop but you should be able to use the bit on upgrading the cpu. got to this link click here type in at the search option... upgrading a laptop ... scroll down to section marked ... Found in the Features ... first artical how to upgrade your laptop.

good luck

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