lin_ 10:10 28 Dec 03

Does anyone know of a good website for a LG CPU Unit

  Jester2K 10:30 28 Dec 03

er What EXACTLY are you after?

LG = Lucky Goldstar - manufacturer

CPU = Central Processor Unit - AMD or Intel Chip (the "brain " of the PC)

Unit = ???

Might be better to explain what you want exactly.

  lin_ 14:54 28 Dec 03

The whole unit

  bremner 15:04 28 Dec 03

Do you mean the 'thing' the CPU sits in ie the Motherboard?

  soy 15:07 28 Dec 03

Do you mean a PC system made by LG electronics? or do you mean a CPU processor made by LG? If so, LG doesn't make either.

Can you explain further what it is supposed to do?

  Sheila-214876 15:09 28 Dec 03

Absolutely no help at all. What do you mean "the whole unit" As Jester2K says what is it you are looking for?

  lin_ 15:14 28 Dec 03

Sorry I'm not being very helpfull here am I!
Yes I do mean a PC system made by LG. Just bought the Flatron 17in 1720B Monitor, superb.

  Sheila-214876 15:23 28 Dec 03

As soy points LG doesn't make systems. If you want something to work with your new monitor you could try this site click here

  soy 15:25 28 Dec 03

I don't think LG make PC systems. They only make individual peripherals such as CD drives and monitors.

What your looking for is a base unit system.

Time sell alot of base systems: click here

Mesh: click here

Evesham: click here

Multivision: click here

Dell: click here

PC world: click here

  lin_ 16:02 28 Dec 03

Thanks to you all

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