cpu temperature

  lazysunbather 20:17 06 Feb 03

my temperature sensors are Board Temperature 75.4 F: CPU Temperature 172.8 F: Power/Aux Temperature 74.7 F: I do not have auto fan speed control and my CPU Fan Speed is 4116 rpm.My computer keeps shutting itself down can someone tell me what a typical operating temperature for a CPU should be and what i can do remedy this

  Pilch.... 20:24 06 Feb 03


  Totally-braindead 20:27 06 Feb 03

Your temps are far too high thats why its shutting down. The cpu temp is the main problem. Are the cpu fan and heatsink recommended ones if not replace them also check they are properly installed ie the heatsink is mounted properly with thermal compound to provide a good contact.
A case fan is also a good idea and they only cost a couple of quid

  Kyomii 20:34 06 Feb 03

Not all your temps are too high - your board temperature is fine @ 24 degrees (c), however, your processor is currently running at around 72 degrees which is high, so the heatsink and fan either need replacing or certainly taking a look at.

It could be that the heatsink/fan has been placed on the wrong way, or that no thermal paste has been applied etc.

Has your system always run at this temp, or has it only happened recently?

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