cpu temperature

  yellows 19:10 10 Aug 04

I know its been hot of late but my cpu temperature is hitting 51c. Is this high for an athlon xp 3000+ processor?

  jonnytub 19:12 10 Aug 04

nope about normal, start worrying when it gets to 60+

  CurlyWhirly 19:15 10 Aug 04

No this is normal as my CPU is at around 49C idle and after running a benchmark like 3D Mark 2003 this goes up to 57C!

  Dorsai 19:38 10 Aug 04

Sounds fine. Me at 48 now. with slightly slower CPU.

  Dorsai 19:42 10 Aug 04

As an aside, where to download 3D mark 2003?

  jonnytub 19:45 10 Aug 04
  gold 47 19:48 10 Aug 04

I run a AMD 2.8 runs around 55c if it's been om all day no problems.

  Dorsai 20:05 10 Aug 04


You need a Mobo that had temp Sensors biult in, and the software to read the temp off them. If you say whay Mobo you have some-bod bound to point you inthe direction to get the software you need.

  Rhuddlan 20:06 10 Aug 04

I have an AMD Athlon XP 1700+ and mine runs at about 50 degress, but I notice that it starts at about 35 and shoots up to about 50-60 in about 20 mins, should I be worried about this. The tower is pretty hot, espeically when playing fs 2002, but seems fine at all other times, I also have two 40Gb hard disk drives.

  Dorsai 20:15 10 Aug 04

That sounds about right. After all when you turn it on at's all at room temp (here that is now 26c, and sweaty too, with high humidity).

Just like a car, it all takes time to warm up. All our PC's are different. but we all seem to by saying 'our pc is at 50 ish'.. and has any of us a problem? seems not. or we would say.

My HWmonitor's default 'overheat temp' at 60c. Me now at 46. It's cooled down a bit from earlier.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:22 10 Aug 04

click here mother board monitor 5 recommended by several forum users.

Athlon 1.2 running at 64 at present alarm set at 70 hit it afew days ago.

click here shows temps for most AMD chips

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