CPU Temp and Win Word

  jay123 17:01 19 Jan 03
  jay123 17:01 19 Jan 03

i'm runnning a xp1700, with an akasa heat sink and fan win xp and office '97.
I was looking at some word documents on the internet using IE6. These files load into the ie window, i then left my pc for about an hour i found that the CPU temp had jumped 10degrees higher than even when playing games on the system, but i had nothing running for this time. When eventually task manager loaded a program on the processes tab called "winword" was using 87% of the CPU power.
I assume it is MS Word still running. Why did it do this? and can i stop it from happening again.

Many thanks

  Gongoozler 17:36 19 Jan 03

jay123, the only program I know of in MS Office that I think would be using a significant amount of resources when office is idle is OSA.exe (or OSA9.exe). This is the Office Startup Assistant that sits in the background keeping track of your documents to enable Office to start faster. It is always more trouble than use, and can safely be disabled from the Startup menu.

  jazzypop 17:42 19 Jan 03

If you do a 'Save as Word', then close the IE window, you should kill the winword process.

I think that Gongoozler has identified the most likely culprit - you should also disable Fast Find, as it's indexing is very CPU-intensive, and gives little (if any) benefit.

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