cpu temp

  dobber 21:49 13 Feb 03

I have an athlon thunderbird 1 ghz. I have just increased my fsb from 200 to 266 and I m wondering what a safe temp range for the cpu is. It is running at 65 celcius after a benchmark (3dmark 2001se).

  Philip2 22:18 13 Feb 03

It seems quite high i have a AMD 1700 it runs between 49/52 degrees it's a wonder your computer hasn't shut down.

  goonerbill 00:32 14 Feb 03

as you say that you have increased the fsb to 266, are you overclocking the cpu. 65c is ok but would suggest that ya get a new heatsink and fan, preferably all copper and a good compound (artic silver etc.) this should bring the temp down.

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