cpu speed

  andymac1 14:14 02 Feb 07

i have a amd athlon xp 1.8 ghz cpu and installed in to the mother board a k7s41gx but when i look at my system it says 1.15 mhz is this right ???

  ACOLYTE 14:21 02 Feb 07

Sounds about right i think the 1800 XP runs at 1.5Mhz.

  ACOLYTE 14:25 02 Feb 07

Opps let me just clarify, if your cpu is running at 1150 Mhz then it is set wrong in the FSB it should be set at 133 in the bios,if it is running at 1500Mhz then it is running at the right speed.

  ACOLYTE 14:27 02 Feb 07


On the post screen if it is set up right and the Mobo supports it then it should say XP 1800 on post,if not it will just say 1150Mhz cpu,this can be because your mobo doesnt support the CPU or it is set wrong in the Bios.

some amd cpu's use amd 'power now' mine does, the speed on idle can go down to 1 mhz, but as soon as it has something to do it goes back to 2.2 mhz.
but i dont knoq if your's has this feature, maybe someone more learned than myself could advise.

  ACOLYTE 14:32 02 Feb 07

I dont think the 1800XP has this ability,i could be wrong but the one i had didnt lol.

  brundle 14:32 02 Feb 07

XP's dont have the feature you mention adman

anymac1; see here, further to Acolyte's comments
click here

  andymac1 15:12 02 Feb 07

when i set the fsb manually to 133 it wont go past the wecome screen should i set the fsb jumper to 266mhz and let the motherboard do the rest ???

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