cpu posible problems!

  jon2 14:57 15 Feb 03

I have recently had to replace my CPU due to the original failing, I have replaced a 450Mgz with a 166Mgz, since then I have had trouble with my scanner not getting the colours right, could this be that the software whants to be reinstalled?
Incerdently the CPU is a stop gap untill I have decided on a new machine.

  professor 15:26 15 Feb 03

im guessing its a socket7 board you have and it was either a amd k6\2 or k6\3 that failed which means they had mmx technology and unless your stop gap is a pentium with mmx-or any cpu with mmx i dont know where the problem is BUT if your stop gap is NOT a mmx capable cpu that is probably where the problem is. becouse if i remember correctly you need a mmx cpu to do things like scanning properly otherwise you will get problems


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