Cpu Overheating

  prodway 22:38 15 Jul 04

Hi,Iv recently bought a new ASRock K7S8XE+ and athlon 3200 CPU,I also got a heat sink and fan with it,After playing games for half hour or so my comp will just turn off and not come back on again for say 10 mins so i guessed this was my 300w power supply,so i replaced it with a new 500w 1 with an extra fan blowing down above the cpu etc...Its still going dead!so i installed motherboard monitor which gives me the temps of my mboard and cpu and iv noticed that when the cpu temp gets to 70degrees thats when it goes off,its at 66 now just as im doing this and not causing the cpu and stress.Whats the best way to get the temp down?the fan i recieved with the bundle(5000rpms) i got should be good enough.What else can i do?Hope someone can help,Paul.

  harps1h 23:02 15 Jul 04

it should be fine for it but if you have heat problems try reseating the cpu using a good compound such as artic silver, and maybe a new heatsink and fan. you should see a big drop in the temps

you could also raise the temp (in the bios) that the computer reaches before it shuts down, but i would try the other first.

  prodway 23:08 15 Jul 04

Hi,My bios wont let me raise the temp for some reason,There seems to be no way of changing it.Ta,Paul.

  woodchip 23:09 15 Jul 04

Leave the BIOS it is set about right for turnning off

  hillybilly 23:11 15 Jul 04

Iv'e experienced this same problem today, it's the fourth one I have seen in the past month. Basically there seems to be a lot of hetsink/fans floating around at present which are "Supposed" to be rated to keep a 3200+ cool!

Well it just is not true! do your self a favour go out tommorrow and buy something with twice the size of heatsink that you are using, preferably in copper not ali. Then you will see a big difference.

  harps1h 23:52 15 Jul 04

i have a jet 7, which is a beast of a thing, but it does the job easily. 42* ambient and 48* after a load like cod.

  BeForU 00:30 16 Jul 04

prodway, you could try changing the fan around on your 500W PSU so that it blows/sucks air into the PSU instead of blowing down onto the CPU. Your PSU might generate some heat and therefore it will blow the hot air into the CPU thus increasing its tempratures. This may also disrupt the cool airflow going to the CPU as well. So sucking out all the hot air is really the best way. Also do you have any other fans in our computer system as they could probably help a bit. Perhaps if your case allows you to install fans at the back of the case next to the I/O ports & near the CPU?

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