cpu & motherboard

  willhay 14:37 04 Jan 03
  willhay 14:37 04 Jan 03

i am looking for a new motherboard, and am confused as to what size processor mb's take as they never seem to tell you, all the info I get from the manufacturers pages are:
Socket A
Supports AMD Duron, Athlon & XP CPU (very good but what size processor)
266MHz Front Side Bus
with double data rate
Can use either DDR RAM or SDRAM
Supports ATA133
PC Health Monitoring
On-board Audio
5 x PCI Slots
1 x 4xAGP Slot

could someone please tell me how you tell how fast a processor a motherboard will take

  Earthworm 14:51 04 Jan 03

normally, if it says it can take an Athlon XP, then it should be able to use any Athlon XP CPU. I've just bought a new motherboard from dabs.com, and when I asked for info, it was all there as well including what RAM it could use, and all the rest.

  woodchip 15:37 04 Jan 03

This is my motherboard and CPU

ECS K7S8A motherboard supports 333 DDR ram and XP CPU's

CPU 1600+xp now running at 1900+xp just with a strait CoolerMaster fan no extra cooling temps CPU 41c on load SYS 27c

I do not know wether you will be able to now get the 1600+xp but it is one of the best for overclocking my comp is a very stable system I just have 256DDR 2100 ram Bought from click here

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