CPU lever snapped off

  joolzski 20:10 31 May 09

Hi, i have trawled this site for any help regarding this problem, but have not found anything as yet. Apologies if this has been covered allready.

My problem is: I removed my fan to clean it and then also the heat sink which pulled out the CPU. Ooops. I removed the CPU from the heat sink and then replaced the cpu not knowing that i had to release the lever which holds in the cpu, unfortunately a few pins were bent which i have straightened out. When i released the lever to replace the cpu somehow i accidently snapped off the lever and now cannot tighten it down. My question is "Can i replace the socket or do i need to replace the Motherboard and processor?"

Obviously my computer will not start up and the monitor says no signal. I think i have completely ballsed this up.

Please any suggestions on how i need to go about this?????


  karmgord 20:31 31 May 09

no way will you be able to replace the socket,looks like a new mb to me,seems to me you might be a little "heavy handed" so be careful when installing a new mb.

  ton 20:31 31 May 09

The CPU should, I would have thought, work without the lever, IF the pins are ok.

But if you have no luck then I'm afraid you will need a new m/board.

I think the cost of a repair, plus maybe a new CPU will be not practical.

  retep888 20:39 31 May 09

What mobo have you got?

  joolzski 20:41 31 May 09

Yes i think i was a little heavy handed.
The cpu doesnt seem to work without tightening it down unfortunately. Surely its not much to repair.
If it does need a new MB i think i will upgrade it and also a faster processor if i need one of these also. I will have to search the internet on guides showing me how to install a new MB.

  joolzski 20:45 31 May 09

not sure of the MB. Its a pc at least 6yrs or more old. I think its a pcmt5 microstar

  retep888 20:52 31 May 09

click here
Download and run this,it'll tell you what your system board is.You can probably pick one up on ebay for a few quids.

  woodchip 21:03 31 May 09

Have you tried using a small flat blade screwdriver to turn it to lock

  joolzski 21:12 31 May 09

sorry turn what to lock? and also my computer doesnt start so i cannot download and run the check on my pc. Im on a laptop at the moment

  laurie53 21:17 31 May 09

At 6 years old you really should think about a new one if you can run to it.

  joolzski 21:20 31 May 09

6rs old it still runs like new i have no problem with its performance so definately dont need to shell out loads of money on a new one

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