cpu heat

  canis 07:40 19 Jun 09

Hi, I have a amd 5000+ , it keeps overheating and shutting down. It idles at 57-64 degress. I've checked the fan and used a can of air on the heat sink. There is some like brown stuff on the heat sink but the can of air didn't get it off, is that normal? Should it just look mettallic?
I tried opening the case, I even blew a room fan on it for a minute, but it didn't drop the temp at all.
It was doing this before, right after i got it back from compaq to change a bad HD.
on load it just go's up n up till it hits in the 90's. Yesterday i installed a 4850 iceq4 card and it seems worse.
I'm not very computer savvy, what should i do?

  Technotiger 08:20 19 Jun 09

Sounds as if your CPU Thermal Paste needs renewing. The brown stuff you mention is probably old paste, which will need to be completely removed before replacing with new paste. If you DIY you should find full instructions with any new Thermal Paste bought.

I am surprised that Compaq did not notice, or offer a remedy for the Thermal Paste issue.

  canis 08:24 19 Jun 09

When i said there's brown stuff i meant on the top, y'know under the fan blades, it looks like dust but the can of air didn't get it off. Also I was just running only firefox, had maybe 8tabs open and playing a browser game and it was hitting 90.
Do you still think it's the paste?

  Technotiger 08:24 19 Jun 09
  Technotiger 08:37 19 Jun 09

Yes, it still could be - though if the brown stuff is dust/dirt then simply giving the inside of the case and all fans and grills/vents, a thorough cleaning might be all that is needed.

  canis 08:38 19 Jun 09

How should I clean it? I mean other than the can of air? is there another way to clean the heat sink?

  Technotiger 08:40 19 Jun 09

If it is just a good cleaning requirement, then you should also ensure that the PC is not tucked away under a desk, in a corner, surrounded by other objects etc - there should be plenty of clear air under, over and around the PC case for maximum air flow.

  canis 08:41 19 Jun 09

ya, it has space, i even opened the case and had a room fan on it, it didnt do anything

  Technotiger 08:43 19 Jun 09

Might not be necessary after doing a thorough clean-out of the case. Use a soft Paint-brush (the decorators type) and a vacuum cleaner, being careful with the proximity of the vac's hose to PC components.

  Technotiger 08:44 19 Jun 09

If all the cleaning tips make no difference, then it is most likely the Thermal Paste as I first suggested.

  canis 09:24 19 Jun 09

I'll try vacuming when i can as its 4 in the morning here. Here's some pics of the cpu.
click here
click here
click here
click here
click here

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