Ballie 19:18 18 Feb 03

I could do with some help with my cpu fsb speed set up.

I have just rebuilt my pc, the spec is;

MSI MS-6712 KT4V mother board
AMD Athlon XP 2100 (1.73ghz) CPU
768 mb of DDR pc2700 ram (333)

All is working well, but I am unsure what to set the cpu/fsb clock to (I have set it to 133mhz) and the cpu ratio is set to auto and the spead spectrum is set to +/- 0.25%

I would like to know the correct cpu/fsb clock setting I should use for my Athlon xp 2100. Also my mother board supports overclocking can anyone advise me what I could try to set the cpu fsb at to overclock my new cpu and could you also advise me what to set the cpu ratio and spread spectrum at. (what is EMI ?)

The setting options on my m/b are;
Spead spectrum +/-0.25 +/-0.50 +/-0.75 and Disable.
Cpu Fsb 100 to 280mhz
Cpu Ratio 7x 8x 9x 10x 12x 14x and Auto

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