CPU fan ...what direction ?

  chriscross72 17:07 08 Jul 04

I have just installed a 'thermaltake' smart and silent volcano 9 fan onto my processor
what direction shoult the fan be spinning.clockwise or anticlockwise ?
when I hold a piece of tissue over it the tissue is sucked onto the fan....I thought processor fans blew not sucked.....any thoughts ??

Thank you : ))

  Djohn 17:29 08 Jul 04

CPU fans normally blow into the heatsink to cool the sink itself.

  Stuartli 17:51 08 Jul 04

Most computer related fans have the air flow direction marked on them with an arrow; in your case the fan blows air onto the CPU/heatsink to cool it.

  TomJerry 18:02 08 Jul 04

Best to check your user manual because some cooling system blow (most), but some suck.

The side with label is normally the direction air go out.

If you cannot get manual, install it as blow and use a program to monitor temperature of CPU, should be under 50C even on heavy use (without overclock).

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