CPU Fan wanted

  Graham. 10:00 06 Nov 07

Anywhere on the High Street I can get a cooler for a Socket 478 Intel 845 CPU? Dimensions are 70mm x 70mm x 20mm, 12V .24 Amp or more.

  I am Spartacus 10:10 06 Nov 07

Maplins usually stock a few.

Online I would recommend Quiet PC click here

  Strawballs 10:11 06 Nov 07

Find a small PC shop near to where you live or computer fair.

  Graham. 10:23 06 Nov 07

Tried Maplins, no luck. I have one from Quiet PC, it's not strong enough.

I'll look for a local shop.

anything here? first class company. click here

i really must read threads more carefully. novatech do however deliver next day on time.

  Grantrh 11:36 06 Nov 07

I know its not the high street but, is this the right one?
click here

  Probabilitydrive 11:44 06 Nov 07

Graham, not quite sure what you mean with 'not strong enough'. If it refers to performance and cooling abilities than I can certainly recommend click here
I have it installed in a QX6700 system and its cooling ability is spot on. 2 fans, small footprint and reasonably priced.

  Graham. 12:13 06 Nov 07

The Sylphee looks promising. I'm going to try and remove the existing heat sink to see what fits.

I've sprung the clips, but the pins on the motherboard are stopping it lifting off

click here

Is there a secret? I can't get under the m/b without taking it out.

  Probabilitydrive 14:11 06 Nov 07

i think you have to remove your motherboard in order to install some back plates which in turn hold the cooler in place. My LGA775 mobo was just a clip on job.

Just wondering, is there a overheat related reason to replace the cooler? you could try a good (but gentle !!) cleaning of your cooler and the innards of your system to improve airflow and cooling.

Should you decide to replace the cooler, don't forget to purchase thermal paste and paste remover as you will need these items.

  Graham. 14:25 06 Nov 07

Yes, it's shutting down at boot with 'fan speed too slow'.

I've got a new case fan click here for now. This blows down a duct onto the CPU fan. Everything gently cleaned, see if it solves the problem.

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