CPU Fan Speed.

  Dearersteak 20:06 16 Nov 03

Hay all... just finished off another post related to the subject, but not directly

click here if u want to read about it, but u don't need to in order to help on this question

Basicly, I have a 2600+ Amd and a an coolermaster Aero 7 lite click here

Basically, cooling isn’t a problem, that’s now been sorted, but I still have one more question.

The fan/heat sink I’ve used, has a 4Pin 12v connector, and a 3Pin that goes to the MoBo. But there’s only one wire which is for the speed sensor to the MoBo on that connector. The other 2 wires that normally go to the MoBo instead go to a manual speed controler, shown here click here

Is it possible to wirer those 2 wires back into the 3Pin connector, so the MoBo can control the fan speed? Because while at PCworld, I saw the exact same Fan (no heat sink). But when I took a closer look, it didn’t have the controller, just a 3pin MoBo connector, with all 3 wires.

Is this making any sence, or am I talking jibbish???

Thanks for reading...

  DieSse 20:19 16 Nov 03

No you CANNOT do that. This fan gets its power via the 4-pin Molex connector, not from the motherboard connector, and you can't change that.

If you connect the fan controller wires to the motherboard fan power pins, you may well blow the power supply and possibly damage the motherboard.

  hugh-265156 20:20 16 Nov 03

yes im sure you can if you are competant at wiring things up.connectors etc you will get online.

there is a couple of different models of the aero cooler i think.

one has the manual adjuster and the other is the mobo auto controled version.

sound like you got the former.

at least you can control the ammount of noise manually.

  DieSse 20:21 16 Nov 03

PS, as a total aside, what key are you pressing to try to get an apostrophe - cause I don't think it's the right one!!

  hugh-265156 20:22 16 Nov 03

well thats me proved wrong oops! :-)

  Dearersteak 20:30 16 Nov 03

thats strange....? Don't know if its ever done that before... Very wried indeed #;./', ''

  Dearersteak 20:30 16 Nov 03

ah, see... its worked there.... ^

  Dearersteak 20:59 16 Nov 03

so er.... was that a yes or a no to the re-wiring? as i've now got a conflict of opinuions.

Am i going to blow up my machine and Mobo? Or will it be alright?


  hugh-265156 21:01 16 Nov 03

i think DieSse gave you the correct answer Dearersteak.

  Dearersteak 21:06 16 Nov 03

ok.... will leave it for now, as i don't want to fry my board and power supply.

Cheers once again guys...

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