CPU Fan is it required.

  Howard's Way 15:59 23 Nov 03

Recently I took my computer back to the shop where I got it from with a very noisy CPU fan. The engineer in the shop said that for my processor 1.6 Pentium 4 I did not actually need a CPU fan and removed the faulty fan. He said there was no need for a replacement fan as the air flow around the mother board and CPU was enough. Is he right or should I go back and get him to put a new CPU fan in?

  philwane 16:02 23 Nov 03

I would never run a cpu without cooling

  Rayuk 16:04 23 Nov 03

Definately wrong

Get him to put a replacement on it as soon as possible

  AubreyS 16:06 23 Nov 03

Tell him to put his finger on the CPU when its running.

  Meshuga 16:10 23 Nov 03

The engineer wants his head examined. Why does he think the manufacturer put one on in the first place and how does he know that the normal location of the pc has a good airflow. Suggest you insist he fits a new fan. Meshuga.

  AubreyS 16:11 23 Nov 03


Its the guy in the shop who's meshuga!

it sounds like he's in the business of making profit, when the processor dies you go back to him and his profit goes up again.

  howard60 17:18 23 Nov 03

dont even turn it on without - if possible go somewhere else for a fan.

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