CPU cooler making noise out of the blue

  Justhavocman 14:18 02 Sep 12

Ok so im running an i7-2600 3.4GZ not overlocked cpu , and due to me living in Greece and during the summer our temps can reach up to 45 degrees i was having problems with my cpu temps and decided to buy the Coolermaster V8 cooler , thing is that for the past week its been making extremes ammouts of noise even when doing simple tasks , like opening a game E.g , world of warcraft ( not involving battles etc ) and league of legends , but the noise is like its running on full load , im getting 35-40 temps at idle and 45-50 TOPS at full load when games are running , i really cant find an explanation as to why its been making so much noise lately , should i replace the fan with an aftermarket one? i tried cleaning it with a dust cleaner spray but to no avail! Any help is really appreciated , cheers!

  KRONOS the First 14:58 02 Sep 12

This is the cooler?

Certainly try another fan as it will prove whether there is a fault in that area or not.I see it has a PCI slot controller,that could be at fault also.

  Justhavocman 15:34 02 Sep 12

Due to the fact that replacing its fan is really time consuming and im gonna get on the matter in the next couple of days ( need to unmount from mobo , open it up etc etc ) are there any other explenations\alternatives i could try for the momment? Anything about said PSI slot i could change?

  KRONOS the First 15:45 02 Sep 12

I am not really sure as you have not mentioned what mobo you have. There might be something there that might give you an insight. I know my Asus board comes with a lot of software to check all sorts of things that are going on with my mobo.

Tha PCI slot fan controller, make sure it is not turned all the way up. I tend to use front of case or software fan controllers, my Antec KÜHLER H 920 comes with internal USB connection which means I can do all sorts of things. Does the CM V8 come with anything?

  Justhavocman 16:17 02 Sep 12

Foxconn H61MXV :)

  Justhavocman 16:19 02 Sep 12

plus the Coolermaster V8 has a manual speed controller , i have it on low , but the auto controller kicks in when playing games or doing other activities

  KRONOS the First 18:06 02 Sep 12

Foxconn H61MXV Not my brand of choice but have just had a look at your mobo manual and I noticed there is a utility called Fox one. have you got that installed. with it you can monitor fan speeds,temps and the like.

Your mobo.

If you click on tech support you will see the Fox One download under utility. If you have not got it it might be worth downloading and installing.

  Justhavocman 18:24 02 Sep 12

im downloading it right now , with this i can fix the cooler fan speed and so?

  KRONOS the First 18:32 02 Sep 12

If the fan is knackered then no this will not sort it.

  Justhavocman 18:46 02 Sep 12

it has a "smart fan option" , it would seem to work if im correct? if not , i did download the programe , running at around 1.8k RPM iddle

  Justhavocman 18:46 02 Sep 12

it has a "smart fan option" , it would seem to work if im correct? if not , i did download the programe , running at around 1.8k RPM iddle

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