CPU change

  loser7 19:57 02 Apr 05

For anyone that read my earlier thread i apologise for lack of info and lack of knowlege. I have put a 2.6mhz P4 celeron in a Gigabyte P4 Titan series GA-8SG800 motherboard. I do not have the motherboard manual but i checked thier site and they are compatable, but the computer will not boot up. Somebody mentioned i might have to change the bios settings but i dont know where to find out what to change them to if i that is even the problem.. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  DieSse 20:21 02 Apr 05

Your 2.6 Celeron - is it a Celeron or a CeleronD - the CeleronD is the one with a 533FSB and a 256Kb cache - and won't work in this board.

  loser7 20:34 02 Apr 05

Ok it is a celeron D.. Many thanks for your help and apologies for all the threads, i will get it right next time

  DieSse 22:22 02 Apr 05

I tried to repost here saying "may not work" - but the current PCA troubles seem to have lost it.

The real news is I'm not quite sure becase I can't actually find this board on the Gigabyte website.

  dan11 22:34 02 Apr 05

I had a quick look and could not come up with anything positive:-(

I posted this in another thread, any use?

cpu list click here

motherboard manual click here

from click here

  DieSse 00:29 03 Apr 05

That's the list I couldn't find - it does confirm no support for CeleronD/Prescott type processors - so my instinct was right even though you managed to find the proof yourself. Glad it's sorted, anyway.

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