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hello, i have a compac sr1909uk, amd64 3500, windows home, the ddr ram has been expanded to 2gig (512 in each slot) this seems an awfull waste, is it possible to expand cpu cache and reduce hard disk useage? i was going to mess with system advanced on control panel, but wondered if i could damage anything, would be very grateful for any advice thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 09:45 05 Nov 06

I'm not what you want to do.

2GB DDR is good - more than enough for your PC.

You can't expand the CPU cache - that is what is physically built into the processor and cannot be changed.

What you can do is reduce the size of the paging file if you so wish.

The Windows XP Page File
click here

very interesting thanks for that, i have reduced size of page file and will see how i get on, thanks again

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:15 05 Nov 06

You can run with the page file disabled, however you may find problems with some programs. I tried it some time ago and found a clear improvement in program loading times, eventually I did run into a problem with a program refusing to run and had to go back to using a page file. I too have 2GB of ram and run with a fixed 512MB page file which I find works very well.

i will try that, do i set both initial and max to 513mg?

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:09 05 Nov 06


thank you, have changed settings and does seem a lot quicker,
thank you both for the advice

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