Cover disk O&O Erase

  benbuilder 16:42 13 Oct 07

I tried loading the O&O program from this months cover disk. Going through the set-up it asks for a serial# I went to O&O website and got an activation code but this didn't work. Can anyone tell me exactly what I have to do to open the program?

  pj123 17:28 13 Oct 07

I think you mean December Issue 149.

That is not "this months cover disk"

This month is October.

But as you say, O&O is a software trial but there doesn't seem to be anywhere in the mag about it.

I don't normally install anything off the cover disks so I am not prepared to do this.

  bretsky 18:12 13 Oct 07

Have you tried copying and pasting your activation code in to the program rather than typing it in?

  benbuilder 22:30 13 Oct 07

Yep tried copying/pasting/typing etc... It's supposed to be the full program I can't find a way to activate it.

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