could this be a virus?

  TECHNODIMWIT 20:46 06 Jan 04

Running minME, but cant access yahoo, msn messenger, ntl homepage, bbc, symantec or mcafee.

other sites accecess ok, even using the computer to post this.

Also the pc seems to be very slow, and Norton cant be accessed from either the desktop or start menu, all the happens is the hour glass spins for a few seconds then nothing.

any help will be apprieciated, Mark.

  jgosden 20:50 06 Jan 04

sounds like a virus if you can't run norton try running avg antivirus see what it picks uk.

click here

  leo49 20:51 06 Jan 04

click here

See if you can in above for online scan.

  jgosden 21:00 06 Jan 04

any luck?????

  TECHNODIMWIT 19:21 07 Jan 04

sorry had to rush back to work before trying any thing.

is it possible to clean the drive by fitting as slave to my unit and running norton and spybot,
without effecting my pc.


  GrahamP 19:28 07 Jan 04

I did this once and then thought "Yikes, what if the virus replicated to my own hard drive?" If I did it again I'd use a spare drive with a disposable system.

  Gaz 25 21:00 07 Jan 04

You may have the QHOSTS virus, which redirects you to and other websites rather than the normal ones.

It may also provide page cannot be displayed.

  Jester2K 22:09 07 Jan 04

"is it possible to clean the drive by fitting as slave to my unit and running norton and spybot, without effecting my pc. "

I do this all the time knowing my AV is up to date, few viruses spread from disk to disk these days as they mainly favour e-mail, Instant Messenging and P2P to spread.

As long as you just scan the drive and don't run anything on it theres no reason why it will affect your PC.

  woodchip 22:32 07 Jan 04

It may be just files messed up so do not panic. Why not run Win ME over it's self and see what happens

  TECHNODIMWIT 23:32 07 Jan 04

Found our old friend Kazaa installed, fitted another drive and installed windows etc.

Tried click here
Ran for 45 mins, Igave up the drive only has 3GB used, then noticed 500mb is missing from the drive, hopefully fdisk may see hidden partition?

time to fit my old drive and try to clean or at least copy "my documents" folder .

  DieSse 23:42 07 Jan 04

I agree absolutely with what Jester2K posted.

I frequently clean badly infected drives this way.

There is no chance of a virus spreading from a slave drive if you just run a scan on it - and anyway I trust my AV program (NOD32)

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