Corruption(?) problems under WinXP

  ZX_ZA 20:29 11 Feb 04

Hi all

I'm having some really weird problems with Windows. Installing just about anything (apps, games, drivers) fails. I get lots of problems like corrupt CAB files, Files not found (while they DO appear in explorer), Unable to write to memory locations, etc. And if I try installing it a second or third time, it works.

These problems also occures while installing windows from an original CD on a clean unpartitioned harddrive. At times the Windows registry gets corrupt as well.

These problems are usually caused by defective RAM (or at least so I've been told be a number of sources) but I've had the system in for system and the memory was tested okay. I've checked that the HDDs and CDROMs are fine. I've also checked the IDE cables. I also tried a number of different BIOS versions to fix the problem, the last flashing resulting in completely messing up the M/Board (Little hint to people: DON'T downgrade M/Board BIOS versions!) and the board was replaced.

Any ideas what the problem could be / how to solve it?

System specs:
WinXP Pro
AMD Athlon XP 2800+
MSI K7N2 Delta
512mb (2x256mb) DDR333
Radeon 9500 Pro
40gig Maxtor HDD
80gig WDC HDD
Samsung CDRW

Everything is running at default clock speeds (no overclocking)

  ©®@$? 20:40 11 Feb 04

what temp is the system running at

  JIM 20:46 11 Feb 04

you appear to have been busy with a lota hardware and bios checks and changes.

Now if your sure that no bios flashing has resulted in problems etc.Any reason that you have not formatted and reinstalled Windows?

Taking it for granted that you have no virus or spyware problems at this time.

  JIM 20:49 11 Feb 04

missed the installing windows from an original CD on a clean unpartitioned harddrive.

  ZX_ZA 20:52 11 Feb 04

CPU temp is 41 degrees Celsius, but apparently the MSI K7N2 boards' temperature sensors do not register true temperatures. The CPU heatsink doesn't get too warm though.

  ©®@$? 21:50 11 Feb 04

i know a freind who was having all these sort of problems,including bsod. he bought new ram and that didn't fix it, but allot of the time it can be the ram

he overcame his problem, by putting a new cpu fan in ,a better one. it only dropped the temp of the cpu down by 5 degrees but must of took some heat of the ram modules as they must of been getting hot! it can happen..

try the computer with the side of the case removed if you can..see if it runs ok!

also power supply have you got a spare you could try?

  ZX_ZA 17:36 12 Feb 04

I don't think it is the temperature. Since my motherboard does complain about the temperature at times, I have remove the side panels and have a big fan blowing into the system. The northbirdge and memory does get pretty warm, but not too bad. I can still comfortably touch the heatsinks and IC's.

I haven't thought of the power supply yet. Someone else also told me to look for ripple on the PSU outputs. I'll look into it.

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