Corrupt Internet Explorer or PC at fault?

  Graham. 15:56 03 Nov 06

Friend having problems logging on to broadband: Windows XP, IE6, Voyager 105.

When eventually logged on, gets disconnected after a short while, and can't reconnect.

I can connect using my laptop, his profile and modem.

Is this likely to be IE or the PC at fault?

Second hand PC, no discs, probably will fail M/S verification. So that may rule out IE7 and SFC.

  Graham. 19:09 03 Nov 06

Bump for the evening viewers.

  961 19:13 03 Nov 06

I doubt it's IE and you'll know far more than me if it is a broadband fault

Has the Voyager and ISP software been re-installed?

When you use the laptop will it stay connected?

  Graham. 19:18 03 Nov 06

Yes, the laptop stays connected. Good point about re-installing the modem, hadn't thought of that.

  Graham. 19:19 03 Nov 06

If he inserts the Voyager CD, will it give a repair function, I wonder?

  Graham. 19:45 03 Nov 06

Modem now re-installed. He got online once, but repeat attempts failed. So inconclusive result.

  Kate B 19:55 03 Nov 06

Is he connecting wirelessly? If so, try changing the wireless channel on the router. They all default to channel 11 and if you're in an urban area with lots of neighbours with routers the signal can get a bit swamped.

  Graham. 20:06 03 Nov 06

No, modem is USB.

  Technotiger 20:22 03 Nov 06

Hi, ignoring the AOL bit, does this help as a sort of check-list ....

click here


  Graham. 20:32 03 Nov 06

Thanks. The Voyager CD covers that. This not a new installation, it's been working fine.

But I do like the bit about 'Download and install drivers'.

  Technotiger 21:00 03 Nov 06

Just a thought - in IE has he gone to Connections and set his bb to "never dial a connection" ?

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