Corrupt, Disapearing HD.

  mxm 13:57 03 Oct 05

Windows XP SP2. Secondary HD (160GB Seagate)suddenly becomes inaccesable. Saying files corrupt. On reboot, CHCDSK runs, and finds and deletes many orphan files on that drive. The drive then disapears from my computer, although it can be found in the hardware list and confirmed to be working. I have tested the drive, low level formatted it and again tried. It initialy works, but then after copying data into it (or from it) to the other drive, the situation recurs.
Any ideas?

  gudgulf 14:06 03 Oct 05

Try dowloading and running Seagate's Sea Tools from click here to check the physical integrity of the hard drive.

  mxm 14:23 03 Oct 05

Thanks for response. Should have said I tried that already, and it passed. May try another spare drive if I cant get to the bottom of this. BTW, ran nortons antivirus scan, adaware etc. when drive was visible. No problem found in whole system.

  Chegs ® 16:42 03 Oct 05

Is it SATA? Is it partitioned?

I have had this kind of trouble with a couple of SATA drives.To cure,I booted machine,but halted boot (entered BIOS) and waited approx 10-15mins before allowing it to continue.

To rectify further probs with vanishing data,I partitioned approx 10Gb to carry OS,and divided the rest up into 15-20Gb chunks(only now I'm stuffed as XP has run out of drive letters :-( so am removing them one at a time,then trying to get Acronis installed and working)

  mxm 20:06 03 Oct 05

Its not sata. it is partitioned. Gets even more intersting. Disk One is partitioned into C(system) and D (normal). Was copying files to Disc 2 (partitioned into H and E). Data copied into partition H succesfully. On shutdown, windows said that E:$Security is corrupted. On reboot, CHCKDSK ran and deleted some files from E (even though the partition should have been empty). Then I discover that all data in drive D has disappeared (although properties shows that the used space is still there). Go figure..a wierd one or what..

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