Correct interconnections for a Small Business system

  G0lfer 30 May 11

Hi techies

I'm after some advice on the correct interconnection for some items in a medium sized business system. This is for a college project. I've tried googling for a solution but either I'm putting in the wrong keywords or google is not my friend.

I have 3 small departments. the first has a wireless router feeding 4 PC's and a wireless printer. The second dept has a 24 port fast ethernet switch feeding 12 PC's and the third dept has another 24 port switch feeding 10 PC's.

I'm using a Cisco router for the broadband connection coming in and want to use a Dell Poweredge T310 small business server.

My question is :-

Does the router (it has 4 ethernet port) feed the 2 switches, wireless router and the server.


Does the router feed the server which in turn feeds the 2 switches and wireless router.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions offered.


  G0lfer 30 May 11

The server is a Dell PowerEdge T310 with a Broadcom 5709 Dual Port GigaBit Ethernet NIC.

  G0lfer 30 May 11

All the PC's are on a domain/client system. The server will run active directory.

  G0lfer 30 May 11

It's Ok I now have the answer for this. The router must feed the server which in turn feeds all the other peripherals. This is because, in an active directory network, all the PC's and other items must pick up their IP Addresses via the server.

  G0lfer 30 May 11

Thanks very much for your help I24

Your suggestions make sense. It was a bit more involved than I thought. System topology was not part of my course and I was having problems googling the solution.




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