correct cleaning procedure of an Intel CPU ?

  Probabilitydrive 10:34 15 Sep 07

I'm about to replace an Intel stock cooler with an Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro cooler on my quad-core system.

i have the cleaning info (Arctic Silver ArctiClean kit) and the cleaning procedure (using lint free cloth...etc)

My Question: On what surface/where do I put the CPU whilst cleaning it/removing the old thermal compound ? I want to make sure that its pins are not damaged.

  crosstrainer 10:54 15 Sep 07

Have you still got the little case that the cpu came in? It has antistatic soft foam, and if you take care not to press too hard, you should be fine....Failing that, a folded soft teatowel to create a cushion should work too. That compound is pretty easy to remove unless you have been suffering overheating issues.

  Probabilitydrive 11:04 15 Sep 07

Unfortunately I haven't got this little case, as my system was bought as it is - lock stock and barrel - from evesham.

I haven't had overheating issues, so the thermal paste should be fairly easy to clean off.

Teatowel sounds fine as a cushion, only worry - some cotton fibres might be trapped in the pins?

(Overcautious of paranoid...close call, could go both ways...(:

  crosstrainer 11:15 15 Sep 07

Use a soft cotton item...a folded pillowcase should do the job.

  crosstrainer 11:20 15 Sep 07

Don't worry, I've done hundreds of 'em, never killed one yet :)

  Why wont it work 11:22 15 Sep 07

I always hold the cpu whilst cleaning it. (I find it much easier than having it in a set place). Inbetween I place the cpu heat spreader down on a bit of card board, kitchen roll, or on the outside of an anti-static bag . Never had a cpu die yet :)

You don't need to worry about pins, Skt 775 processors don't have them. The pins are on the motherboard itself now. You'll only find contacts on the bottom of the cpu.

  Belatucadrus 11:22 15 Sep 07

I'd leave it on the MOBO and clean in situ, as that's the best way of ensuring all the pins retain the appropriate orientation.

  Probabilitydrive 12:49 15 Sep 07

I have a now a few options when I replace the CPU cooler. Thanks for your advice.

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  woodchip 13:38 15 Sep 07

Leave CPU in socket so no pins get bent

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