Core2Duo E6300 Wont Boot at Correct FSB

  Sic 12:39 25 Mar 07

I have just upgraded my system using an ASRock 775i65G motherboad and an Intel Core 2 Duo E6300. In the bios the FSB for the processor is detected as 200, though as far as i am aware this should be 266?

When i manually change the FSB to 266, the
PC posts and boots but then crases to a BSOD.

Ram is DDR crucial 2700 333. Chip is only registering as 1.4 Ghz in system properties at 200 FSB.

Any suggestions? In the BIOS when i change the FSB to 266 the chip registers as 1.87 Ghz not the 1.86 GHz it should do, is this significant?

  Sic 14:10 25 Mar 07


  gazza38 14:24 25 Mar 07

Your problem lies with your ram.To attain the correct FSB speed you need DDR2 533 (2 x 533 =1066).I don't know if your M/B will support this, but as you say your using standard DDR it maybe that the board is not recent enough.

  gazza38 14:34 25 Mar 07

Hi again,just found this

click here

Looks like you would need to flash your bios and over clock with DDR 400.This is up to you, but be warned that flashing the bios is very risky.
I personally would change the M/B.

  sidecar sid 15:24 25 Mar 07

According to the manual a FSB1066 CPU is only supported when used in conjunction wih a seperate AGP graphics card and not the onboard graphics.
Also you should use DDR400 CL2.5 memory.
See page six of the manual.

click here

  sidecar sid 15:26 25 Mar 07

Page eight :-)

  Sic 16:03 25 Mar 07

Cheers for the responses guys, i am using an AGP card (an Nvidia 6800) so looks like it must be the ram holding it back. As the board only supports DDR it would seem i need soem DDR400 for my board.

All a bit silly, having a core 2 duo board that supports DDR333 but wont then let the processor run at its correct speed.


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